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The most popular video editing app for iOS, particularly for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, is LumaFusion APK. You may edit videos like a pro with the help of this app. With premium features unlocked, LumaFusion Apk is available for free download. A capable video editor is the LumaFusion software. This software is for you if you are a professional videographer, editor, producer, journalist, or director. This programme will satisfy all of your video editing requirements. To create a video that looks like actual movies and looks like real action videos, professionals must use professional video editors like LumaFusion, Viva, ActionDirector, and PowerDirector.

LumaFusion Apk

For a professional video editor, you must have all the required functionalities, such as video motion, video transition, the ability to change the speed of the video, the ability to add your own text to the video, the ability to create a slideshow of images, the ability to add music to your videos, and the ability to apply various filters. You will therefore receive the aforementioned video editors.


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Key Features:


  • Six tracks are available in LumaFusion for video, audio, titles, graphics, and images.
  • Six more tracks for music, sound effects, and narration are provided by LumaFusion.
  • Extended functionality on a magnetic timeline, including insert/overwrite and clip linking/unlinking
  • For the purpose of hiding, locking, and muting all tracks, LumaFusion offers a new track header.
  • Many different video transitions
  • Show your preview on a monitor outside the computer


  • For flawless mixes, keyframe audio levels and panning. Adjust the track level while listening to your mix.
  • Dual-mono audio captures: fill-from-left and fill-from-right
  • Choose tracks from a variety of track files (ideal for screen captures)
  • Duck music playing as the Auto-ducking talksAdd EQ and audio filters.


  • many style layers with effects including pixel effects, blur, colour, and distortion
  • LumaFusion enables full-colour correction to address a variety of issues, including fluorescent lighting.
  • Layer effects and colours can be used to create countless effects.
  • Chroma key filter for luma keying, blue screen, and other techniques
  • In order to animate your effect or colour, add a hundred keyframes.
  • All of your real-time modifications are simple to view.

Slow and Fast Motion:

  • Make videos in both slow motion and quick motion.
  • You can easily forward and reverse your videos.
  •  Supports time-lapse and slow-motion video files at 120 and 240 frames per second.
LumaFusion Apk

Media Library:

  • import data from mail and other apps.
  • Files from Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud Drive, and Google Drive can be imported.
  • import data from network drives, flash drives, etc.
  • Download files directly to the app from the iCloud Photo Library.
  • View your file’s metadata and all of its details.
  • In the library, rename, label with comments, colour-tag, and pre-trim clips


  • With the use of text, layers, shapes, and photos, create a beautiful title.
  • Fonts, font weights, colours, and shadows can all be changed.
  • You can quickly import new fonts.
  • Save title styles or presets
  • Motions and transitions can be used to animate your title.


  • In addition to Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps, a project can be instantly shared in Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and other locations.
  • Direct export to network drives, flash drives, etc.
  • On supported iPhones and iPads, projects can be exported in a range of Resolutions and Qualities up to 4K.
  • You can export audio and video independently.

What’s New:

  • There are no keyboard shortcuts enabled.
  • Upkeep of Audio Pitc
  • Errors in the project are shown while exporting.
  • updated to version 3.4.6, the most recent

Why Choose LumaFusion:

You will undoubtedly utilise this tool for video editing now that I have thoroughly outlined all of its features. I advise you to get this programme for video editing if you are a YouTuber. Because this programme has so many tools, you may create whatever type of video you want by using them to edit films in a professional manner.

LumaFusion Apk


1. Can you obtain LumaFusion for Android?

As of right now, LumaFusion is a one-time purchasable app for ChromeOS and Android! Download the app from the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store to experience LumaFusion on these devices.

2. Is LumaFusion free for Android?

Even though LumaFusion is not free for Android users, the price is reasonable given the extensive set of features.

3. Which is superior, Kinemaster or LumaFusion?

LumaFusion is the best option for expert video editing and effects if you are a professional producer, journalist, or filmmaker with a video story to tell and you want the most recent technology for iPhone and iPad.

4. What sets LumaFX apart from LumaFusion?

LumaFusion and LumaFX differ from one another primarily in terms of their capabilities. Then, using LumaFusion, many clips can be edited simultaneously. On the other side, LumaFX is designed for editing and framing individual clips and lacks the vast editing features of LumaFusion.

5. How much does LumaFusion cost Samsung?

LumaFusion is available on the Galaxy Store and Play Store for $20 instead of $30 during its early access period.

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